Driver Education – Teenagers

Negotiating today’s roadways has become more difficult due to increased traffic and the advent of multiple distracting devices. Teens have always been more at risk of traffic crashes, but with their total dependence upon cell phones, today’s teens face increasing crash and fatality risks.

High School Driver Education Programs offer teens a starting point on the road to obtaining a driver’s license. However, the requirement of only six hours of behind the wheel training these programs provide was established over 50 years ago. This is far from sufficient to teach and develop requisite skills required for a life-time of safe driving in the 21st Century.

Exceptional Driver Services is committed to the safety of our young adults. With over 40 years of experience teaching teen drivers in the classroom and behind the wheel, EDS instructors are adept at providing individualized driving instruction to teens of all abilities. We welcome the opportunity to continue teaching safe driving strategies and methods to teens who have completed a driver education course at an accredited high school or commercial driving school.

Exceptional Driver Services - Teen Drivers

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